Monday, May 7, 2007

The Quiet Before the Storm

Today Cam, Jess and I are just taking a breath prior to the party which begins tomorrow. Yesterday Cam and Bill finished replacing the northen fence and Jess and I marked out the dam swale and several small swales in the orchard area to the South/South East of the house.

A tree feller/fella came today and took down a dead eucalypt near the shed and we chopped up a blackwood that was leaning on another tree near the spring. Another bloke arrived with six 2.4 metre long 225mm wide crossing pipes to get the access road across the swales. Cam and I just had a think about the location of the diversion drain above the house taking water from Hydes road to the goose pond. The slope will be about 50:1 but we think that will be fine. It will be a shallow wide trench. Later today we'll haul a ute load or two more firewood to the storage pile we set up in the to-be chook area (automatic termite and white ant control) and remove the fence below the tennis court so the excavator driver can get to work on the terraces. As soon as Di gets here with her Jimmy-bar.

We heard from the nursery guy the other day that Di has been awarded a landcare grant which gives us 2000 trees to plant out our boundaries. If we can get them by this weekend we can plant them out on our working bee, perhaps. What else? Well, our first hot compost pile is kicking along well and today was about turn four. So in a few weeks we'll have some good compost and can start brewing compost tea!

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