Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Off, like a rocket!

So today the earthworks began! Alan and driver Jay rocked up at 9:30 with a 20-ton excavator and we spent the day on the top diversion drain, the silt trap for the goose pond, the goose pond itself, breaking up the old concrete slabs both above and below, and putting in the first terrace below the tennis court. It's looking good - and tomorrow it seems we'll have both machines going strong. Heck, at this rate we'll be finished in a few days! We are also thinking of getting in a bobcat for a half-day to clean up - give it all a really nice finish.

The machine arrives.

The diversion drain goes in.

The goose pond goes in.

What a reach! Moving some rumble we found from the terrace area to enlarge the flat area in from of the shed.

Here's a photo from the same spot as yesterday at around the same time.

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