Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Earthworks delayed again!

But funny how things work out for the best. Alan of Gippsland Excavations is working with us and genuinely sorry that the 12-ton excavator has been delayed. The upshot is that tomorrow he'll send a 20-tonner which will arrive by 8am. With that we'll get to work on the access road, top diversion drain, goose pond, breaking up the old concrete, the terraces, the crossing pipe wetland, and the pond below the willow, along with a few other bits and pieces. Then the 12-tonner will arrive Thursday to cut the swales. So we'll probably have two machines on the go at once, and great to be able to use each for the job it's most suited to.

Meanwhile, today we started the first small swale in the orchard behind the house (Cam, Jessie, Adam and me).

And here's a few more photos taken just this evening around 4pm with long shadows across the slope. Tomorrow from 8am, this will begin to change.

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