Monday, August 20, 2007

Belated report from the cutting edge of Permaculture Forest action

Well we're well overdue for an update here, with water flowing everywhere and over 100 fruit and nut trees in the ground! Here's a few pictures from last week to get the ball rolling:

Here's the silt trap and goose pond shortly after the tap was attached to the pipe coming through the goose pond wall - it's filling up fast!

Here's the above mentioned tap. Don't ask for the story about how we got it on...

The flow leaving the top flow this time of year - really responds to a bit of rain uphill, what!

And here are a few of the bottom swale-dam system:

Here's our first plughole - a system where we pull a plug to convert an infiltration swale into a diversion drain, letting us either moisten or dry out the soil below at will.

And here's the tennis court batter with a variety of native grasses, grevillias, oranges and olives planted out.

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