Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Plan

Okay, so we'll get up what's been happening over the last 6 months or so up when we get a moment. But presently we have a 12-ton excavator and then a grader arriving to start work in six days and are pretty focused on that. In a nutshell, we are planning to put in 650 meters of swale, several ponds, an access road, diversion drains, terraces and a few other bits and pieces. Then we'll have the swale mounds hydromulched with a slurry including purslane, rye corn, oat, fenugreek, vetch, medic, clover and much else. The we'll plant a tagasaste every 4 meters along the swales and start planting out the boundaries with casuarina and others. Then we can fence and get our goose system chook system and even our zone one veggie system started. So we are about to radically alter this landscape with some serious reconstructive earth surgey aimed at fast tracking what has for many years been cattle pasture into a permaculture forest that happens to be called the permaculture forest.

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Gnoll110 said...

Hi Di & All

Have you had the grey clays check for reactivity?

It would be great to determine the clay’s suitability for Rammed Earth/Mud Brick before or while the earth workings are being done.

I would get a range of sites checked. I once saw a line of post holes, about 20, each 8 feet apart. The soils were rich volcanic soils. The colour changed from bright red to dark drown (almost black) in between two holes half way alone the line!